Everything u need to know about kiulu river

For the whitewater activity,the river condition or water level will be referred to as "grade" or "class" followed by a number and for each river will have different grade. For Kiulu River the grade is I and II.
Grade I normally is a fast moving water with small riffles and small waves, there will be a lot small rock and wall, and few obstructions. Grade I can be call as easy level.
Grade II normally straight forward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting. Occasional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium-sized waves are easily avoided by trained paddlers. Swimmers are seldom injured and group assistance makes the accident easy to avoid.

Rapids that are at the upper end of this difficulty range are designated Class II+. Grade II can be call as novice level
However, during the rainy season few rapids in Kiulu River will change to grade III. Grade III is Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and which can swamp an open canoe. Complex maneuvers in fast current and good boat control in tight passages or around ledges are often required; large waves or strainers may be present but are easily avoided.

Strong eddies and powerful current effects can be found, particularly on large-volume rivers. Scouting is advisable for inexperienced parties. Injuries while swimming are rare and self-rescue is usually easy but group assistance may be required to avoid long swims.

Rapids that are at the lower or upper end of this difficulty range are designated Class III- or Class III+ respectively.It can be call moderate level but grade III in Kiulu River only happen during the rainy season.
While the weather is high humidity, hot weather and proficient rainfall amounts throughout the year. The water levelin KiuluRiver will keep changing.
With grade I and II Kiulu River is very suitable for beginner, children, school outing, relaxing paddling, and family outing.
The total length of the river is 8KM from the starting point Kiulu Town down to our Base Camp but the total length is 15KM if start from Pukak and 13KM start formBolitikun but its depends on the water level.
Normally, the rafting can take between 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours or less
Kiulu Rafting is are day trip tour that can be done for two season, morning and afternoon
Beautiful scenery along the river with the hanging bridge can be seeing across the river every 200 to 300 meters. View the villagers in the river bank and relaxing wind blow through in the river.


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